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Have you received your polling card for the Melksham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum?

Have you received a polling card for the Melksham Neighbourhood Plan and want to find out what its all about? There is a full page advert in this week's Melksham News that will hopefully give you a good explanation of the Neighbourhood Plan, where it sits with National and Wiltshire planning regulations, and what it can and can't do.

There is a dedicated website where you can watch a host of videos by local people explaining what the Plan is, why its important, and what it means to you as residents. The website also has a copy of the Plan, evidence documents and lots of other information.

It's a lot of information and so a "mini guide" has been produced to explain the highlights, one will be delivered to every house in the Plan area the week before the Referendum, but you can download it here and have a read.

The Plan area covers both Melksham Town and the parish of Melksham Without, and all those registered to vote in elections will be able to vote at the Referendum on 1st July.

A drop is session has been organised for Thursday 24th June from 2 to 7pm at Melksham Assembly Hall (pending the lifting of Covid Restrictions on 21st June) where you will be able to come along and pick up a hard copy of the Plan and leaflet, plus ask questions and find out more information.


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